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Company Culture

Company Culture

Good timing:  Learn、Pursuit、Innovate、Transcend oneself

Geographical convenience:  From the details of the start, we create the exquisite articles.

Good human relation: Integrity、Responsibility、Win-win、Harmonious

Mission:  Struggling for the world’s mould technical progress

Aim:  Creating the world's most competitive mould enterprise

Spirit:  Beyond excellence, Reject mediocrity

View:  Sincere to the letter, forever and ever

An avenue to success: 100+1=200 100-1=0 everyday think back and judge ourselves, everyday progresses a little

Way of management: manage people, manage intellectual capital, manage responsibility, manage brand Way of carry out: non-existent of force majeure, delivering the products in accordance with the time of delivery, quality and quantity

Idea: Subject to the first, common view to the second
           Determination to the first, success or failure to the second
          Success to the first, perfection to the second
          Result to the first, reason to the second

Method: Carry out in earnest
                Carry out in full blast
                Carry out in a create way

Quality: Quality is the life of enterprises, also is the responsibility of enterprise, strive to be attractabe.
                 Keep improving, we do not only manufacturing moulds, also creating art at the same time.
                 Manufacturing the perfect product, and creating a core competence for customers.

Harmony road:
San Duo:    Looking at the strength of others as much as possible
                   Thinking about the good in people as much as possible
                   Helping others’ difficulty as much as possible
San Du:    Transform the point of view, 
                 Adhere to standards, 
                 Pay attention to demeanor
Si Dui:   To superiors., to be of one of heart and one mind and be honor and obey
              To subordinates, tightly controlled, warm and sincere care
              To workmates, to be severe with oneself and lenient with others
              To clients, equality, mutual benefit and friendly consultation

Commercial principles: Pursuit profits, but it's not the only thing on our mind 
                                              Dare to compete, but never did any wrong to the others
                                              Equivalent to the exchange, but do not haggle over every ounce

Staffs’ virtue: Neither appearing arrogant nor taking advantage of that power
                            Neither doing things by way of vainglory nor forgetting moral principle
                            Neither losing head in success nor losing faith in failure
                            Neither losing the will to fight or living beyond one's income

Style of work: Rapid response, jump into action
                            Carry out in place, stick to it.


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