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Mould making and material requirements

Knowledge of mould making:
     In the entire cost of mould, the making costs take a large proportion. So it is very important to perfect the mould making process. It is basic conditions to have skilled employees and good equipments. The key to making a mould is to choose a perfect mould material. An experienced mould maker often suggests high demands on materials, including steel quality of the performance, delivery time, and sufficient supply.
Material requirements:
     The material for mould should has no defects, ease to polish, and in many cases, should benefit to etching.
Polishing profile:
     The costs of mould polishing accounted for 30% of the total costs, because polish is a time consuming and costly process. The effect of polishing depends on the polish skills and other factors, such as the purity of steel and steel’s hardness.

Mould Design Process:

Mould Design Process


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