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Pipe Fitting Mould

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Pipe fitting mould

As the professional Chinese Pipe Fitting Mould manufacturer located in Southeast of China, we keened on pipe fitting moulds structures developing and innovating. According to different fitting moulds' structure, we have divided the pipe fitting mould into below several types.
• Pipe Fitting Mould with Collapsible Cores.
• Pipe Fitting Mould with unscrewing cores.
• Pipe Fitting Mould with curve sliding cores.
• Pipe Fitting Mould with normal mechanical or hydraulic direct sliding cores.

If consider about the function of the different pipe fittings, we can divide the pipe fitting moulds as below several types.

PVC pipe fitting Mould ( for high pressure and low pressure = for water supplying and water discharging)
    1. CPVC pipe fitting mould for high pressure. 
    2. UPVC pipe fitting mould for water drainage 
    3. PVC belling pipe fitting mould( with collapsible cores for pressure water supply). 
    4. Electricity cable pipe fitting mould, built in-wall various PVC pipe fittings.

PPR pipe fitting mould ( for indoor water supplying system, cold water and hot water)

• PP pipe fitting mould
    1. PP or PPH belling pipe fitting mould with collapsible core system.
    2. PP drainage pipe fitting mould.
    3. PPH sanitary moulds for bath room.
We, E-rex Mould Co.,Ltd, is one of the biggest pipe fitting mould maker in China. Our mould designs improvements is always based on the top quality of pipe fitting moulds.


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